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FIFE 0.3.5 Released!

Hi all, we are finally able to release a minor release that fixes all sorts of stability issues with 0.3.4.  This fixes a number of segfaults when running FIFE based clients.  You can download it at sourceforge.  Please download it and let us know what you think!   Stay tuned for 0.4.0 which will be coming soon!

From the README:

  • Fixed another LayerCache bug
  • Fixed blocking bug, which has affected multi cell objects
  • Fixed segmentation fault within pathfinder
  • Fixed segmentation fault within Instance::follow
  • Fixed the visible/invisible problem
  • Fixed facing location and a related bug

NOTE that this will be the LAST version of FIFE that supports guichan.  We have since forked guichan to fifechan which is what we will be using for the next release.


Mediawiki has been archived – Moved to GitHub

As of yesterday we have officially decommissioned our old wiki in favor of our wiki on github.  Need some information from the old wiki?  Have no fear, we have archived the wiki and it can be found here.  Notice we have repointed to the github wiki.  Any old links should give you a custom 404 message that will direct you to the new wiki.  If you have any issues finding the information you’re after be sure to let us know!

Source Code Repository and Issue Tracking Has Moved

We have been moving toward this for a very long time now and it is finally complete.  Our SVN repository has been converted to Git and is now hosted on GitHub.  In order to keep everything together we also migrated our Trac tickets to GitHub Issues.  All Wiki links have been updated to point to the new repository.  Please let us know if you find a link pointing to our old Trac system.  Coming in the near future is the migration of our Wiki to GitHub.  We’ll keep you posted!

0.3.4 Released

It’s been a long time coming but we have finally completed our 0.3.4 milestone! Grab it from our download section. There are a lot of changes in this release which includes a massive overhaul to our pathfinder! Other changes include but are not limited to:

  • Optimized camera upadte() function
  • Fixed some API inconsistencies
  • Zooming to 200 or 300 percent now works as expected
  • Added fog of war support
  • Several rendering performance improvement including rendering static layers as a single texture
  • Introduced 3 different sorting algorithms which is selectable per layer

If you would like to see all the changes please refer to our 0.3.4 changelog.

Now that 0.3.4 is out of the way we can continue to work on removing the guichan dependency. The goal is to be able to run FIFE with several other GUI libraries including fifechan (a guichan fork maintained by us), librocket and CEGUI.


Python and CPP tutorials have moved to github

We have created a new organization called fifengine on github which now houses our tutorials.  The Python tutorials never existed in a repo until now.  The CPP tutorials have been moved from a SVN repo but do require some updating to be in line with our current codebase.  We are always looking for new developers so if you want to help out with the tutorials feel free to create an account at github (if you don’t already have one) and fork the tutorial repos, do some modifications, and make a pull request!

0.3.4 Release Candidate 1

After much anticipation we have finally been able to put together a release for you.  This isn’t an official release mind you, this is a “release candidate” which is a deviation of what we normally do.  Instead of making a big release, only to find out that we forgot something, we decided to make a pre-release and call it a release candidate.  There is no other code updates planned for 0.3.4 so we encourage you to download the release candidate and start using it.  Please let us know any issues you have with the packages so we can fix them before the official 0.3.4 release.   Speaking of which, we plan on releasing 0.3.4 on February 28th, 2013 so keep posted!

For a list of changes see the CHANGES file in the source packages (or in our repo).  We plan on including a detailed description of everything that changed in our official 0.3.4 release announcement.  For those wanting to test out 0.3.4rc1 goto our download section on our Wiki!

Another Successful GSoC and Some More News!

Hi everyone!  This update has been a long time coming.  We had another extremely successful GSoC this year and FIFE has seen many improvements over the summer.  Vdaras did an amazing job getting FIFE working with other GUI libraries and providing clients with the option to use something other than Guichan as their main GUI library.  He also added the ability to use more than one library at the same time to allow for existing clients to migrate from one library to another if the need arises!  Good job Vdaras!

In other news trunk has received a lot of love from Helios over the last months.  He has managed to implement his new pathfinder as well as a lot of additional performance improvements when dealing with large maps.  Special thanks to gscai from Unknown Horizons who helped Helios track down some pesky bugs in the process!  Helios’s pathfinder is much more advanced and complete than what had existed before.  It supports many new features including multiple layer paths!

Another exiting bit of news is about a project that Beliar has been working on recently.  Beliar originally was working on PARPG but has since started his own project to create an RPG framework for FIFE.  It’s goal is to provide a framework that makes it easy to create component based games with FIFE by taking care of the basic setup needed for FIFE applications and providing the component system.  I strongly suggest you go check it out!

Lastly, we are planning a release for FIFE in the very near future so stay tuned.  This release will include all the GSoC code as well as all the code Helios has done!  We have a few outstanding issues to resolve before we can release but hopefully we can get it out there in the next month!

GSoC 2012 Student

We are pleased to announce that we have a single student working specifically on FIFE this summer for GSoC 2012.  Vasilis Daras (vdaras)  has been accepted and he will be working on improving our GUI support which includes improvements to our existing GUI library, Guichan along with Pychan (Guichan’s python counterpart).  He is also planning on adding support for multiple other GUI libraries like CEGUI and librocket.  We are all looking forward to working with vdaras and seeing all the improvement he can bring to FIFE!

Website Maintenance Complete

Thanks for everyone for being so patient with us as we migrated all of our data between web hosts.   It took some time to work out all the kinks but everything should be working as it should now.  If you do notice any problem at all please report it as soon as you can so we can rectify it.

Planned Website Maintenance

On Monday April 23rd, 2012 at around 17:00 GMT we plan to have an outage to our blog, forums, and wiki. This does not affect our Trac system or repository. We are changing hosts so we expect the outage to last a couple hours while we ensure proper operation of everything. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.